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Help for families in conflict

As Michael Short descrbed so well in the Zone, The Age and SMH May 9 2011, there’s got to be a better way! for divorcing parents.
He speaks with Marguerite Picard, revolutionary divorce and family lawyer
to show that there is a better way than paying a fortune in the adversarial system.
Link to the article below.
TAOC can be particularly valuable for children, who are often caught in the middle of conflicts between their parents. Periods of parental relationship breakdown are associated with stress and behavioural problems in many children, especially if the parents seek to use children against each other,
TAOC means every child gets to have his or her say, regardless of their perceived status within the family. Parents often do not treat their children equally, often without realizing it. This can be related to gender, age, birth order or cultural norms. But it is important for all children to feel their experience is validated by getting a fair hearing.
When used in family counselling sessions, TAOC has led to improvements in children’s behavior and well-being, and participants have reported high levels of satisfaction.
In the midst of a relationship conflict or breakdown, it’s often difficult to say what we really mean – and to listen to what other family members are really saying. TAOC provides a safety valve by offering a structured way for the family to communicate at a difficult time.

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