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TAOC for Food Lovers!

For all who love food, and eating, we are delighted to bring you the new TAOC title, The Art of Food Conversation. Available from all good book, gift and homewares stores. If you are having trouble finding it, enter the ISBN into the search engine of a book store 9780980843514 and TAOC Food should arise!
• Over 300 mouth-watering culinary conversation starters, plus Comprehensive Guidebook to Food Communication.
• Developed and researched by TAOC® creators with Sydney Food Editor, Trudi Hollinsworth, TAOC® offers new angles and avenues to think and talk about food, cooking and eating.
• It’s all about actively sharing conversations on all aspects of food and eating, e.g. ingredients (from abalone to zucchini), wild foods, sustainability, ethical eating, destinations, tastes, chefs, hilarious food quotes, favourite dishes from the classics to the cutting edge … in fact a smorgasbord for those who enjoy sharing recipes, hints and tips, remembering special meals, or planning new ones! Track food and menu changes, the rise and fall of overused ingredients, (truffle oil, anyone?), celebrity chefs, kitchen equipment from then to now, evocative fragrances and flavours that bring back times past. Even unadventurous eaters will be inspired!
Like all TAOC editions, it’s not a quiz – it’s never about who knows the most. Rather, it’s a communication tool that draws on your own experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions. And perhaps best of all it brings friends and family genuinely closer in this age of instant messaging.
With hit TV shows, glossy ranks of gastro-porn at every newsagent and the return of the dinner party, food is enjoying a very high profile at present. Many of us have headed back towards the kitchen and in search of previously unknown ingredients, as well as continuing our passion for dining out.
Food contains an eternal contradiction. On the one hand it’s essential for life – in fact in Ancient Egypt, the words for ‘bread’ and ‘life’ were the same! But food is also as subject to the vagaries of fashion as heels or hemlines. Who’d have guessed the world’s best restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark, would feature oxalis and Christmas tree fronds on its menu?
Now, there’s a new way for us to mull over passions of the dinner table with the release of a delicious and unique game, The Art of Conversation: Food Edition.


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