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A message from Elaine of Geelong

I was first introduced to TAOC Cards through a girlfriend. She invited a group of her friends out for drinks at a bar lounge, and she used the cards as a conversation starter. Shortly after I purchased a pack of my own! My friend has sadly passed away at 43 with cancer, so my TAOC Cards I will always hold dear to her memory.

Three years ago our eldest son spent a short visit home before returning to his work in Canada. Whilst he and I travelled to see his grandparents 3 hours away to say good-bye, I took TAOC Cards and we exchanged answers while travelling. It was a wonderful way to learn how our son had grownup and changed whilst living away.

He returned again last Christmas and we again travelled to his grandparents, this time as a family. With my husband sleeping, our two sons (who are now 26 and 23 years old) were asked questions by me from the TAOC cards. With our sons having been apart for 3 years, (and prior to that having only spent limited time together in the previous 5 years), the cards provided a wonderful tool for the boys to reconnect. With the wide range of questions, the answers were a mixture of serious, emotional and funny, but all honest and open. I was amused at times when one son would ask the other to check the question, as he felt I was making some of them up. We all found the activity fun and rewarding, so much so that on our return trip they asked if we could have TAOC Cards activity again. I have to say this trip was extremely enjoyable and the answers confirmed to me that our 2 boys have grown in to 2 fine men with wonderful values and personalities!

If you don’t have a copy of TAOC Cards you are missing out on a wonderful communication tool!!


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A message from Ceri Hewitt

My name’s Ceri Hewitt, I believe you met my grandmother on a train from London few months ago. She was very enthused by the Art of Conversation games you told her about and passed the one that you sent her to me to use. I teach a Year 7 Transition class (the 11 year olds as they come up from primary school). Every Friday afternoon we have done something circle time based and I started using the cards after Easter. I’ve used them every Friday since and with great success. Aside from anything the children love the topics that we discuss! I’ve found that introducing and recapping the rules at the start of every game good for setting the tone and as they all take a turn at player 1 they enjoy enforcing the rules. Its been great for getting them talking in a polite and respectful manner and for learning about taking turns. The topics have also been really good for picking up the themes and often lead to more discussion. They’re questioning skills have also deve loped because they’re desperate to ask a really good question to whoever is answering! Overall, they’ve been really useful and I’m going to continue to use them with my new class in September. Thanks very much, we’ve all enjoyed them greatly! Ceri Hewitt


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Congratulations – A message from Kylie Walker

Hi Louise,

Thanks for the info! I was able to get TAOC today from Angus and Robertson as you suggested. There was another shop in Miranda that I saw it in but they were more expensive.

I have to congratulate you both on a wonderful resource. I am a mother of 2 and a gifted education consultant and am very impressed.

I will definitely be recommending TAOC to my clients and friends. The kids have not put the cards down since we got it!

Are you aware that it was featured in the NSWAGTC journal “Gifted”. I’ll email you a copy if you haven’t seen it.

Kind Regards,

Kylie Walker
B.Ed, SST- Therapist
Gifted Education Consultant
Sound Success

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Present for 13yr old – A message from Tania M C Lewis

Dear Louise and Keith
My son Rhys was given The Art Of conversation as a 13th Birthday present (presumably on the assumption that most 13 year old boys are monosyllabic!) and we all ADORE it. It is so stimulating and thought provoking.
For instance it asked the question what is the difference between being artistic and creative!!! Deep stuff
We have added a refinement – somewhere in a round you have to use a certain word -say, something like “liaise” or “acquire”! It raises the art to a higher level and increases the vocabulary of our 13 and 10 year olds.
Thank you so much for this game – it is clever and a lot of fun!!
warmest regards,
 Tania M C Lewis


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