A message from Elaine of Geelong

I was first introduced to TAOC Cards through a girlfriend. She invited a group of her friends out for drinks at a bar lounge, and she used the cards as a conversation starter. Shortly after I purchased a pack of my own! My friend has sadly passed away at 43 with cancer, so my TAOC Cards I will always hold dear to her memory.

Three years ago our eldest son spent a short visit home before returning to his work in Canada. Whilst he and I travelled to see his grandparents 3 hours away to say good-bye, I took TAOC Cards and we exchanged answers while travelling. It was a wonderful way to learn how our son had grownup and changed whilst living away.

He returned again last Christmas and we again travelled to his grandparents, this time as a family. With my husband sleeping, our two sons (who are now 26 and 23 years old) were asked questions by me from the TAOC cards. With our sons having been apart for 3 years, (and prior to that having only spent limited time together in the previous 5 years), the cards provided a wonderful tool for the boys to reconnect. With the wide range of questions, the answers were a mixture of serious, emotional and funny, but all honest and open. I was amused at times when one son would ask the other to check the question, as he felt I was making some of them up. We all found the activity fun and rewarding, so much so that on our return trip they asked if we could have TAOC Cards activity again. I have to say this trip was extremely enjoyable and the answers confirmed to me that our 2 boys have grown in to 2 fine men with wonderful values and personalities!

If you don’t have a copy of TAOC Cards you are missing out on a wonderful communication tool!!

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  1. Elaine this is the true meaning and value of TAOC and I am so happy to read of your experiences. Keith and I are passionate about TAOC helping families to have the great relationships they deserve. Thank you for sharing and wishing you many happy hours of conversation with your family and friends.

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