A message from Ceri Hewitt

My name’s Ceri Hewitt, I believe you met my grandmother on a train from London few months ago. She was very enthused by the Art of Conversation games you told her about and passed the one that you sent her to me to use. I teach a Year 7 Transition class (the 11 year olds as they come up from primary school). Every Friday afternoon we have done something circle time based and I started using the cards after Easter. I’ve used them every Friday since and with great success. Aside from anything the children love the topics that we discuss! I’ve found that introducing and recapping the rules at the start of every game good for setting the tone and as they all take a turn at player 1 they enjoy enforcing the rules. Its been great for getting them talking in a polite and respectful manner and for learning about taking turns. The topics have also been really good for picking up the themes and often lead to more discussion. They’re questioning skills have also deve loped because they’re desperate to ask a really good question to whoever is answering! Overall, they’ve been really useful and I’m going to continue to use them with my new class in September. Thanks very much, we’ve all enjoyed them greatly! Ceri Hewitt


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2 responses to “A message from Ceri Hewitt

  1. I’ve been a distributor for the Art of Conversation games here in Christchurch New Zealand for the last few months so have often been out and about promoting them. This week our 20 year old son has been home for the mid year break from his university studies out of town. He said “What’s this game I hear you’re promoting?” “Oh” I said “Come out with me to a cafe for an hour, I’ll shout you a drink, you can choose which of these six versions you want us to play while we’re there.” He chose the Christian version. Playing the game with him was so enlightening. I felt humbled to hear the details of his Christian journey that tumbled out as we shared our personal insights and spiritual experiences. I also learned about and was impressed by the thriving Student Life ministry throughout the universities of New Zealand.

    I’m sure that without the low key yet enquiring questions along with the small amount of structure provided by the game we wouldn’t have shared at anywhere near the same depth. It was also enlightening to hear his suggestions on how to be an effective parent which was one of the questions I asked him. Thanks Louise and Keith for these truly wonderful games.

  2. Kaye

    This is so encouraging to hear Ceri, and we appreciate your comments greatly.
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet your Grandmother, and I hope that I may meet her again one day. You are so right about going over the “rules” regularly. We believe that giving children excellent communicaton skills is a very great gift and you are obviously doing a fine job. .
    Thank you, all best wishes from Louise

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