Congratulations – A message from Kylie Walker

Hi Louise,

Thanks for the info! I was able to get TAOC today from Angus and Robertson as you suggested. There was another shop in Miranda that I saw it in but they were more expensive.

I have to congratulate you both on a wonderful resource. I am a mother of 2 and a gifted education consultant and am very impressed.

I will definitely be recommending TAOC to my clients and friends. The kids have not put the cards down since we got it!

Are you aware that it was featured in the NSWAGTC journal “Gifted”. I’ll email you a copy if you haven’t seen it.

Kind Regards,

Kylie Walker
B.Ed, SST- Therapist
Gifted Education Consultant
Sound Success

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One response to “Congratulations – A message from Kylie Walker

  1. Louise

    Kyle, Keith and I are delighted to hear from you and appreciate your comments. The response from gifted children to TAOC is heart-warming and we are so happy to hear that TAOC is proving effective in your work as well as at home!
    Thank you.
    Kind regards
    Louise and Keith

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