Present for 13yr old – A message from Tania M C Lewis

Dear Louise and Keith
My son Rhys was given The Art Of conversation as a 13th Birthday present (presumably on the assumption that most 13 year old boys are monosyllabic!) and we all ADORE it. It is so stimulating and thought provoking.
For instance it asked the question what is the difference between being artistic and creative!!! Deep stuff
We have added a refinement – somewhere in a round you have to use a certain word -say, something like “liaise” or “acquire”! It raises the art to a higher level and increases the vocabulary of our 13 and 10 year olds.
Thank you so much for this game – it is clever and a lot of fun!!
warmest regards,
 Tania M C Lewis


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2 responses to “Present for 13yr old – A message from Tania M C Lewis

  1. I would love to hear more about this topic.

  2. Paul

    I just bought the game from my local Barnes & Noble in Atlanta and am planning to take it with us to a friends house this weekend to break it in. One question I have – the instructions briefly address scoring, but I am curious about how some of you assign points when you are playing. Or what you find to be the most entertaining way of sharing turns and assigning questions when you play.

    Thanks in advance,
    Atlanta, GA

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