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The Art Of Conversation is a fun game that can be played by all ages.


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  1. Sally James

    I bought this game not really knowing what to expect. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that it has changed the way my family functions. We understand each other better, appreciate each other’s point of view and enjoy spending time together more than previously. Highly recommended. Thank you!
    Keith, I remember seeing you in the 70’s and you are an absolute legend of rock. Missed the Countdown Spectacular but believe that you stole the show.

  2. Di

    I bought the game for me as a Christmas Present and am looking forward to playing it, but I see it as a useful tool for ESL classes. I have taught in China and South Korea, and one of the things I find is that the students in/from those countries find it difficult to converse. I am off to China in February 2010, and in my luggage will be my little pack for my students. I also run a special class on Monday nights in a coffee lounge,and I can see TAOC being useful in the activities that we do there. Well done. And I’m so impressed that it is a product out of Australia. Congratulations.

  3. Myles Blum (Year 5)

    Some of my friends and I play this game alot and its so fun. I reakon that every class should have one of these. I also think that you should take it that little bit further and publish it in other languages, the same questions but in a different language. Another reason I like this game is that no 2 questions are alike. Sometimes you can be playing the game and talk so much that either you forget what the question was or you are so involved in the game that you forget you’re not the only ones in the classroom and the teacher has to tell you to be quiet. You also get to learn about things you wouldn’t have known about your friends. One time we were playing and one of my friends had to go to a lesson and acted like it was the end of the world because he would miss playing the game. I’ve made about 7 new friends just because of this game. Thankyou for inventing it.

    • Miles thank you very much. I’m so pleased that TAOC works so well with you! 7 new friends! That’s wonderful. Guess what? We have already translated TAOC into French and German, with more translations to come. Which language are you learning, or would you like to learn? We’re open to suggestions!
      Wishing you many happy hours of great conversations!
      Best wishes,
      Louise and Keith

  4. Elizabeth

    Keith & Louise, I bought ‘TAOC for Children’ for my 8yo grandaughter for Christmas 2010. As yet haven’t had the chance to play with them but looking forward to starting to see what evolves.
    I also bought the ice-breaker for myself and plan to use it when the children visit. I would be interested in a spanish version but only if it were edited by a native spanish speaker as there are many variations to meanings in their language. Congratulations on a wonderful product. Elizabeth.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Translations are underway, including Spanish. And you are so right about the variations in meaning. All our translations are done by a team of 2! One native speaker and 1 English speaker fluent in the language. Will let you know. Look forward to hearing how you enjoy playing TAOC with your granddaughter. Happy conversations, Louise and Keith

  5. Judy

    Hi, I find these Art of Conversation cards very useful with the elderly. I use them in aged care and the different topics get people talking .It sure helps connect with people. Many thanks for all your good ideas. Judy

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